New Versions of Animation Editors – February Release

This is the last update of this winter and brings 3 new animations and number of improvements in our particle and line engine. The first animation enables running tears to be added to any face image. The other two new animations are new particle presets, and new Smoke 3 and Fire sparkles. These two presets are designed to save your time when creating fire and smoke scenes.

Watch this video to see the new animations in action.

Here is the full list of changes:

  • New Tear animation has been added.
  • New Smoke 3 animation has been added.
  • New Fire sparkles animation has been added.
  • New position jitter controls have been added to several particle system.
  • New Multiply blending mode has been added to Line animations.
  • The issue with the speed has been fixed in Magic path animation.
  • The issue with the transparency has been fixed in ‘Through the space’ animation.
  • The issue with the head glow has been fixed in ‘Interweaving lines’ animation.