New Versions of Animation Editors – November Release

This update includes two new animations, particle based Water Jet animation and new Stretch brush. Watch a video to see them in action: In addition, a bunch of minor improvements and small fixes have been added.  Here is the full list of recent changes New particle engine preset, the Water Jet animation, has been [...]

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New Versions of Animation Editors – October Release

We continue to improve our particle engine and and try to bring it to a new level every month. First of all we added a set of controls that determines how a particle should [...]

New Versions of Animation Editors – September Release

This month’s release adds a bunch of new features in various tools of our animation engine. First of all now you can save your own custom particles in the program's [...]

New Versions of Animation Editors – August Release

The new release is focused on improvement of timing controls and particle systems. Some parts of the interface were redesigned to improve usability, and some useful features [...]

New Versions of Animation Editors – June Release

The new update adds two new tools to DesktopPaint's animation editors. These are two particle systems, Magic burst and Magic splash. Both of them are designed for simulating [...]

New Versions of Animation Editors – May Release

We are continuing to expand our new particle toolset with useful, new instruments. This month we added Magic Spots animation, a simple tool that is suitable for simulating [...]

New Versions of Animation Editors – April Release

In the new version, we added Magic Fountain animation, a point-based, particle animation with a wide range of options. Also the update adds [...]

Our New Instagram Channel

In this post I want to announce the launching of our new Instagram channel. The new channel features inspirational videos that were made completely in DP Animation Maker only. [...]

New Versions of Animation Editors – March Release

This month we added a new Magic Firefly animation in the set of particle-based effects. This animation is highly customizable. It allows you to achieve many spectacular [...]

New Versions of Animation Editors – February Release

In this month’s release, we reviewed the Import animation options, improving its performance, memory usage, and quality of the final picture. Also we added a new Clear edge [...]

New Versions of Animation Editors – January Release

Since our last update, we carefully reviewed the program code to improve the stability and performance of all our animations products. As a result, some critical bugs were [...]