New Versions of Animation Editors – May Release

The release brings changes in the color selection functions and adds a new Shimmer animation. Watch the new animation in action in this video: Here is the full list of recent changes. New Shimmer animation has been added. New particle color schemes have been added: gradient and color set. Color selection preview [...]

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New Versions of Animation Editors – April Release

The new version has an improved particle image library, and we have added a save/load option to. Two new presets – Smoke 4 and Psychedelic smoke – have been added to the [...]

New Versions of Animation Editors – March Release

The March update release for our animation editors adds a new type of line animation - waving line. This new flexible tool helps design animations like rope, tentacles, or [...]

New Versions of Animation Editors – February Release

This is the last update of this winter and brings 3 new animations and number of improvements in our particle and line engine. The first animation enables running tears to be [...]

New Versions of Animation Editors – January Release

This year’s first update adds new interwoven lines animation, and fixes several bugs. The new animations are useful for making magic-like effects, such as in this sample [...]

New Versions of Animation Editors – November Release

This update introduces a new set of tools manipulating animated lines. Two basic line animations have been added: the line growing along a path, and the line sliding along a [...]

New Versions of Animation Editors – October Release

The new update focuses on executable file export in all animation makers. We added more options for customizing your stand alone animated wallpapers, screensavers. and EXE [...]

New Versions of Animation Editors – September Release

We added new force options to our particle engine this month. These are very important options that improve particle behavior, and allows the creation of more realistic [...]

New Versions of Animation Editors – August Release

This update marks the next step in the development of our particle engine. Some bugs have been fixed, and new features have been added. The main addition is a new Magic [...]

New Versions of Animation Editors – July Release

This mid-summer update brings three new changes. Firstly, the particle properties dialog has been divided into separate parts: particle image settings and the rest of of [...]

New Versions of Animation Editors – June Release

As usual the new update adds a new animation, this month it is Magic trace animation. We have also redesigned the particle properties dialog [...]