Dragon Flame Animation

This tutorial will explain how to use the Fire brush tool for drawing complex effects like the fire breath of a [...]

Police Car Animation

This tutorial will show you how to use the timeline controls to make a simple police light animation. We start with a still picture of a police [...]

Underwater Plant Animation

In one of the  one of the latest releases, we introduced the new “No Background” effect. Since then, the support team received a many questions from [...]

Sports Car

The final result. This complex scene requires several layers of animations.  Lets look into it step by step. The First Step: Road First of all, [...]

Breath Animation

Today we will look how the following example was made: 1. First of all, load the below picture as the background into the Desktoppaint's animation [...]

Custom Fish Import

The new bound controls implemented in Desktoppaint's animation editors this month significantly expand the possible implementations of the "import image" [...]

Candle Animation

Today we will learn how to turn a still photo of candle flame into a realistic video or desktop animation. For this lesson I selected the following simple [...]

Cutting Foreground Objects

In today’s topic I am going to discuss the matter of placing an animation behind some foreground objects. Let’s imagine we have a picture like [...]

Creating Advanced Animated Matrix Code Effect

In the previous post we started with the animated matrix effect in DesktopPaint's animation program. In this post we will learn how, using its reach settings, [...]

Creating Advanced Animated Snow Effects

In the previous lesson, we learned how to create simple animated snow. In today’s lesson we'll continue with this effect and explore its features in [...]