New Versions of Animation Editors – February Release

In this updated we reworked the Text tool. We joined Static text and Scrolling text in one 2D Text tool, improved its appearance and extended its features. Here is a couple of new key features.

Animated textures for letters:

More flexible motion options:

Here is the full list of recent changes.

  • Static text and Scrolling text have been joined in one 2D Text tool
  • Animated textures for text letters have been added
  • Motion options have been added for fade in/out text animations
  • New translucency controls have been added for text and its effects
  • Appearance of the text glow effect has been improved
  • Some errors in the user particle image library has been fixed
  • Error with timings of Custom lightning animation has been fixed
  • Interface bug in the MP4 export dialog has been fixed