Important Updates to Our Subscription Service

We want to bring you important updates regarding recent changes in our subscription service.

As you may already be aware, FastSpring, our former payment processor, ceased operations and consequently canceled all current subscriptions for updates to our products. Over the past two weeks, we have diligently worked on integrating a new payment solution into our website to reinstate our subscription service.

First and foremost, we want to assure you that your current licenses have not been impacted. You can continue to update your program until the end of the period you originally purchased. In the next update, you will be able to view the end date of your update period in the registration window of our products. When your update period expires, you will need to subscribe to updates again using our new payment processor.

So, what should you do? Simply continue using your program as usual. When you update to a version that is not covered by your current license, you will encounter an information window with a button that will direct you to a page where you can initiate a new subscription for your license.

Alternatively, you can subscribe for updates using the following links:

Please note that you only need to take this action when the update period you paid for through FastSpring comes to an end. Thank you for your understanding and continued support as we navigate these changes to provide you with the best service possible.