New Versions of Animation Editors – November Release

This update includes two new animations, particle based Water Jet animation and new Stretch brush. Watch a video to see them in action:

In addition, a bunch of minor improvements and small fixes have been added.  Here is the full list of recent changes

  • New particle engine preset, the Water Jet animation, has been added.
  • New Warping brush, the Stretch Brush, has been added.
  • New splash particle has been added to the Particle library.
  • Smooth spline path option has been added available for imported animations.
  • The blending techniques of the Light brush have been significantly improved.
  • New high quality images for the Cloud animations have been added.
  • New particle options, start and end value for fade in and out transitions, have been added.
  • The Cancel button has been added to all the Export process dialogs.
  • Now all particle systems have the full number of particles on load.
  • Reset timing action now immediately reloads all particle systems in the scene.
  • The bug with low density values has been fixed in the particle systems.
  • The bug with displaying interface lines has been fixed.