New Versions of Animation Editors – January Release

The new release is focused on improvement of text tools. Also some parts of the interface were redesigned to improve usability, and some errors were fixed.

Here is the full list of recent changes

  • Text visual effects have been added
    • Shadow
    • Glow
    • Outline
  • Option to change the text background has been added
  • Word wrap for text layer has been added
  • Add animation button on the top bar has been redesigned
  • The bug with displaying scrolling text has been fixed
  • Validation of input parameters has been added to the WMV export dialog



  1. This is very useful to me.but it has a small problem.this text animation have no real time preview when resize / move like previous version.please fix it.if you want examples for this case i can send to you.

    • The new text tool uses more advance text rendering technique that cannot be run in real time. So unfortunately, we had to disable real time preview for resizing and move.

  2. Hi, great new features for the text tool – thanks for the update!
    Unless I’m just not seeing it, where is the options for the interactive text so I can jump from one slide to another? Also, every time I export as .EXE it crashes. Any ideas? I’m ising Windows 10, 64bit.

    • The interactive text is in the bottom of the library tree in its own category, “Interactive objects’.
      Our support team will contact you and try to help with export issue you have.

  3. If you can add new addon pack contains natural animations like weaving tree is very usefull.
    or add swf animation support

    • Thank you for your suggestion. We plan to develop a tool for animating trees directly on the background image.

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