New Versions of Animation Editors – May Release

The release brings changes in the color selection functions and adds a new Shimmer animation. Watch the new animation in action in this video:

Here is the full list of recent changes.

  • New Shimmer animation has been added.
  • New particle color schemes have been added: gradient and color set.
  • Color selection preview function has been added to all color selection dialogs.
  • Reverse animation option has been added to Path animation settings.
  • Bug with reversed animation in Path animation has been fixed.
  • Bug in loading custom image for particle system has been fixed.
  1. Hi

    I sent a message on your contact page on May 25th (so around 6 business days ago), but I still haven’t received a reply. Is there somewhere else I can send a message to?

    Thank you,

    • Hi, I answered your question on 28.05.2018. I have resent my answer again. Please check you email including spam/junk folders.

  2. Hello….
    Please let me know how to achieve an eye blinking effect using any of the warp brushes. If not possible, could you work on creating a new warp animation brush to make the eye blinking effect simple?

    • Hello,

      Unfortunately, you cannot use the existing warping brushes to make an eye blink. We will try to develop a tool for this, but I cannot say when it will be ready.

    • Unfortunately, interface localisation is not supported right now. But we plan to add multi-language support in the future.

  3. I see that your updates still include bug fixes, if I purchase from your website and you only support updates for 6 months, what about the bugs that you will still be addressing after this time?
    This would mean after my 6 months any bug fixes after that will no longer be given, which I think is wrong. If the program is not fit for purpose you should be providing the fixes for it even after that time. I understand that we don’t need to be given new features but we should not lose support for problems with the software. What do you have to say on this?

    • Almost all new bug fixes solve problems that appears with new features added previously. The core tools set is stable and do not need any fixes.

      Unfortunately, it is impossible to issue separate updates for new features and bug fixes.

      If there was a serious bug in the program and your update period was over, we would grand your a free update. You will need only contact us.

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