New Versions of Animation Editors – May Release

The May update release for our animation editors adds a new type of particle emitter – line emitter. This new option helps design particle effects with a complex shape.

Watch a couple of examples created in the new version of DP Animation Maker.

Here is the full list of changes:

  • New line emitter has been added
  • New Magic Halo particle preset has been added
  • Context menu has been added for the Slide list
  • Option to duplicate an existing slide has been added
  • Crash on the Day to night brush has been fixed
  • Issue with the color of the Water mirror effect has been fixed
  • Custom output size option has been added to MP4 export
  • Issue with vertical dual monitor setups has been fixed for animated wallpapers
  1. all are fine.but duplicate animation don’t work properly (specially with manual timeline control).please correct it.

  2. All Are Perfect.but there are some bugs
    1.duplication of animation don’t work properly (specially with manual timeline).
    2.after apply bend brush with previous layer effect background did not show properly

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