New Versions of Animation Editors – November Release

In this November update, we are excited to unveil two new saturation brushes along with a couple enhancements to the Animation Constructor. Explore the possibilities of these additions by watching an example that demonstrates the effect created through the synergy of the new brushes and Animation Constructor tools.

Project file used in the video can be downloaded here.

  • New Saturation brush has been added.
  • New Saturation wave brush has been added.
  • New Circle gradient type has been added to Animation Constructor mods.
  • New delay option has been added to Animation Constructor emission settings.
  • Bug with the Spin effect in import has been fixed.

  1. Hello!
    I’ve encountered a problem.
    I have a simple scene.
    The girl is outside the background. She has hair animation and should appear in the background.
    I use the *Wave brush* to animate the hair on the layer.
    But I can’t get any movement for this layer.
    If I use *Create Patch Animations* the layer moves but the brush doesn’t.
    If I use *Drift brush* then the hair animation is preserved, but if the layer goes beyond the background then it starts to show a mirror image of the layer.

  2. I have just tried FOUR times to download the latest November 2023 update, but a warning notice keeps advising me that the download file is “Corrupt, or has been tampered with”, and blocks the installation. Strange!

  3. How do you set up DP Animation for cell-phone size? You don’t get an option when choosing a new project? It always defaults to full HD? Am I doing something wrong because this can’t be accurate.

    • The size of the project depend on the size of your background image. Also you can control the size of output video on the export step.

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