New Versions of Animation Editors – February Release

This month, we are thrilled to introduce a highly anticipated addition to our Animation List: the grouping option. Now, through the context menu, you can effortlessly organize animation layers within your projects, streamlining your workflow and enhancing project management.

In subsequent updates, we plan to expand the group functionality further. We will integrate it with the new timing controls introduced last month, allowing you to create intricate animations with ease and precision.

Here’s a comprehensive list of recent changes included in this update:

  • New groping option has been added to Animation List.
  • The issue with the Pointing Arrow animation has been successfully addressed.
  • A minor bug affecting the copy/paste functionality of animation layers has been rectified.

  1. Could you add options for the group.
    The same as when we add an image layer.
    Create path animations (path edit tool)
    Image properties
    effect list
    Scaling and rotation for the whole group.
    I wanted all this from the beginning, because if the picture makes movements, then the brushes do not move with it.
    Or do something different, but so that the brushes move behind the image.

    • Yes, This is in our nearest plans. Not all animations will support this, but we will try to add this feature for particle effects, imported images and brushes.

  2. 1 Would be nice if chroma key images/gif could be imported.
    2. Adding blinking brush will enliven so many human and animals making the output products look realistic.

  3. You can hide only a group, but in a group there is no such option for each layer separately.
    I want to turn off the brush for a while so as not to see its influence that interferes, but I can’t do this in the group.
    I can temporarily move this layer to another group, but you must agree that this is inconvenient.

  4. Help me figure it out.
    I upload 2 pictures with parameters 100/1 sec.
    On the time scale I set it to 2 seconds.
    I’m restarting the animation
    And the time of changing pictures does not coincide with the time on the timeline.
    It feels like the timeline doesn’t start from the beginning, but as if it makes a small skip.

  5. I’m trying to upload 100 (92Mb) png images, but I can’t.
    The program closes.
    I’m trying to upload a GIF of the same 100 (40Mb) frames and the program closes again.

  6. Zoom brush previous layer does not work
    if there is (Fire sparkles) under the brush*
    This will work instead – whole scene

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