New Versions of Animation Editors – July Release

The update for this month – along with small improvements and bug fixes – contains a new version of electric discharge animations. It is significantly improved and offers full control over animation shape, color, and position.

  1. Hi Firefly,

    Thanks for the latest release – the new electrical discharge tool is great! However, I am unable to run any standalone .exe files created with this new version. I’m running Windows 7 64-bit and have tried running as Administrator but all I get is an icon on the taskbar. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • It’s working for me. No problems with .exe files. The software before this upgrade and after still ask me for registration key. I have to re-enter the key each time I open the program. If not the .exe’s act as if they were created with the trial version.

      • Thanks for the info Mike – I entered my serial number again and now my .exe files are running ok. Glad to see that they are now centred and displaying the file name as requested – many thanks Firefly! This software just gets better with each release 🙂

        • Yes, the software does get better. Nice to see the vendor try to do requests by users. Firefly should start another topic for questions, answers, requests, etc., and have it pinned so it’s always at the top. Then users only have to look at one topic for comments and responses.

          • We plane to create a special community area on our sites, where users will share their ideas and experience.

            DP Support

  2. Hi,
    What are these :
    Add new Objects–>Moving objects

    Are these 3d mesh (3d format file)?
    Are these Animated Png Sprites?
    How can users add new animated High quality objects?
    I want to make a pool with fishes From top Is it possible?

    • We plane to add support of PNG sprites for imported animations.
      In the current version you can only use animated GIFs.

  3. In DP Animation maker, can I make an animation loop continuously instead of just a set amount of time?

    • In the current version you cannot, but we plane to add a special transition effect that will make looped video more smooth.

      DP Support

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