New Versions of Animation Editors – February Release

In this month’s release, we reviewed the Import animation options, improving its performance, memory usage, and quality of the final picture. Also we added a new Clear edge option in the import dialog. This option gets rid of outlining that sometimes appeared around imported images. Here is a comparison of the old and improved Import functions:

oldImage imported in version 3.2.5

newImage imported in version 3.2.6 with the Clear edge option

Here are the other changes we made.

  • Added a spin option for the Static imported animation
  • The path animation now starts from the first point on each export
  • Added missed tool-tips in program tool bars
  • Pressing the Enter and Esc buttons does not hide the slide property area anymore
  • Projects with the manual time line now save correctly
  • Fixed a critical error in the Save project command, new saved project doesn’t cause a crash anymore
  • The fire brush now displays correctly for any of the Picture position parameters
  • The screensaver preview does not crash anymore