New Versions of Animation Editors – March Release

This month we added a new Magic Firefly animation in the set of particle-based effects. This animation is highly customizable. It allows you to achieve many spectacular effects.

The rest of the changes include some bug fixes and improvements.

  • Fixed a crash during export in old versions of Windows
  • Text with transparency is now correctly displayed in animated screensavers, wallpapers and stand alone EXEs
  • Fixed black stripes around a scene in stand alone EXEs
  • Custom airbrush and custom pattern brush now support images in PNG and JPEG formats too.


  1. Hello , I’m Nuwan Again
    Version 3.2.7 DP Animation maker
    Effect – Static Text
    Mode – Random
    I need visible EXAMPLE TEXT after 10 Sec. & play for 10 sec.
    So i set the time codes like this
    Pause, sec 0 – 10
    Play, sec 10 – 20
    But it wont work as i expect in exported EXE.please help me.

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