New Versions of Animation Editors – September Release

We added new force options to our particle engine this month. These are very important options that improve particle behavior, and allows the creation of more realistic effects. The force options are available for particle sources that generate free moving particles: burst, fountain, firefly tail, splash, spots, and stream.

Using these new options, we created new and improved presets for smoke and fire animations. Look at these examples:

Here is the full list of improvements and bug-fixes.

  • New force options have been added: gravitation, and air resistance
  • New heat distortion brush has been added
  • New fire stream animation has been added
  • New smoke animation has been added
  • New smoke and fire particle images have been added to particle image library
  • Phase option has been added to Drift brush
  • Magic fountain, fire, and water jet animations now start with full number of particles
  • Firefly tail gravitation option now saves correctly