New Versions of Animation Editors – October Release

The new update focuses on executable file export in all animation makers. We added more options for customizing your stand alone animated wallpapers, screensavers. and EXE files. After the update, you will be able to change the application icons, copyright information, and outbound links. This change makes the standard versions of Screensaver and Wallpaper Makers usable for commercial use. Because of this upgrade, we have had to increase the prices of these programs, but existing customers can relax as the price rises do not apply to you. So, you can enjoy the new new options immediately with no additional charges.

Here is the full list of changes:

  • Animated Wallpaper Maker
    • Improved desktop icons appearance and behavior
    • Now you can set your own icon, header information, and links in stand alone wallpapers
  • Animated Screensaver Maker
    • Now you can set your own icon, information text, and links in stand alone screensavers
  • DP Animation Maker
    • Now you can set your own icon and title in stand alone EXE
  • Bug with scrolling text animation has been fixed
  • Manual timings without fade in/out sub-intervals can now be resized using the mouse.
    • All animated objects in our editors are 2d art. You cannot rotate them. But if you have art drawn from top you can import it to your scene and make.

    • I am sorry, but it is impossible. All particles in the current version must have limited lifetime. And we have not implemented interaction options for particles yet,

  1. Great update guys. Is it possible for .exe files to play full screen?
    My desktop is 1920 x 1080 and that’s also the size of my animation but I still see my desktop on either side when I play the .exe 🙁

  2. I bought the online version (3.4.0), and was wondering if the updates and add-ons are for the version I bought or the Steam one only? Will there be more brushes and animations for my version soon?

    Also, I’ve noticed, every time I use the Drift Brush, and save it as a GIF, it lags like crazy where the whole animation blurs over itself, so it doesn’t work at all – is there a recommended setting for the drift brush and saving as a gif?

    And I’ve tried turning my Facebook header into a movie because Facebook Pages accepts videos now, and despite saving it in high resolution, it’s extremely blurry every time. Any recommended setting for this?

    Thank you!

    • add-ons are compatible with both steam and online versions. Online version is updated almost every month, we constantly add new animations, features and brushes. Next update will be in the end of this month.

      Regarding advice for your project. Could you please send an example and details to so we can check it and provide you better support.

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