Case studies

Dragon Flame Animation

This tutorial will explain how to use the Fire brush tool for drawing complex effects like the fire breath of a [...]

Police Car Animation

This tutorial will show you how to use the timeline controls to make a simple police light animation. We start with a still picture of a police [...]

Underwater Plant Animation

In one of the  one of the latest releases, we introduced the new “No Background” effect. Since then, the support team received a many questions from [...]

Sports Car

The final result. This complex scene requires several layers of animations.  Lets look into it step by step. The First Step: Road First of all, [...]

Magic Fountain

In this lesson we will use boundary controls to bring a new fresh look to one of the standard animations: To create an animation like this, add to your [...]

Soaring Dragon

The following article continues the sequence of lessons demonstrating the possibilities of boundary controls. Today we will make an animation that is neither [...]

Breath Animation

Today we will look how the following example was made: 1. First of all, load the below picture as the background into the Desktoppaint's animation [...]

Custom Fish Import

The new bound controls implemented in Desktoppaint's animation editors this month significantly expand the possible implementations of the "import image" [...]

Candle Animation

Today we will learn how to turn a still photo of candle flame into a realistic video or desktop animation. For this lesson I selected the following simple [...]

Cutting Foreground Objects

In today’s topic I am going to discuss the matter of placing an animation behind some foreground objects. Let’s imagine we have a picture like [...]