New Versions of Animation Editors – February Release

The February update release for our animation editors adds a new options to particle engine. This new options can be useful for designing many cool effects.

  • New group emitter has been added
  • Spiral motion has been added to the circular emitter
  • Direction option has been added to the radial emitter
  • New Magic Cloud preset has been added
  • Magic Vortex preset has been reworked
  • New Magic Spiral preset has been added
  • Few misprints has been fixed

    • I am sorry, we do not plan to do this. Video editing feature would require to change the program conception. We focus on still image animation.

  1. Thanks for another very useful updates guys – it just keeps getting better and better!
    Question: I work a lot with 360 images for VR. Can I import a 360 image, add animations and then export as 360 video format?

    • You can import 360 images, but am afraid animations in our program do not support 360 format. You will have issues with fish-eye effects and seamless. You can try adding some of them that does not cover enter view and locate in one point of the scene.

      • Ok thanks. If you added support for exporting 360 videos it would be a game changer for sure!

  2. it is possible to make one (gass ball) and export with a transparent background this way, I can make several (gass ball) in the same project, thankful.

    • Unfortunately, you cannot use transparent background for this effect. The only thing you can try is setting a green background and using another software for greenscreen removal.

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