New Additional Animations for Your Projects

Due to many requests from our customers, we have decided to put our efforts into a new content pack that would expand the list of available animations in DesktopPaints’ programs. For the last month we created 140 new objects and joined them in a new add-on, DP Extension Pack, that can be installed on Screensaver Maker, Wallpaper Maker, and Animation Maker. And finally this add-on is available on our sites for purchase.

Now let’s see what DP Extension Pack consists of. First I would like to mention the very realistic animated fish. They were created by a professional animator and look really cool!

Also we have added a bunch of tropical butterflies from all the torrid continents of the world: Africa, Australia, South America, and Asia. Another addition, 32 glitter brushes with animated hearts, sparkles, and stars, helps you to create wonderful greeting cards for your family and friends.

Here is the full list of new objects in DP Extension Pack:

  • 32 glitter brushes
  • 20 3D butterflies
  • 10 animated fish
  • 9 flowers
  • 25 grass animations
  • 29 leaves
  • 9 lightning
  • 5 snowflakes