New Versions of Animation Editors – June Release

The June release features the new animations: 3 underwater plants with completely new animations controls.


Also Animation list was extended with two new options: It now supports rename options (activating by double click) and can temporarily hide a single animation layer with a click on the Eye icon.

  1. Never give up!!! You are the best and perspective programs. Do not listen to any negative! I believe in your victory – this program will be a BOMB!!!! 😉

    • I do not agree with you, believe that the best thing there is a good constructive critique that helps him to see errors which he has not noticed. At the moment only for a few days I bought to him the DP and I am analyzing it, only I see that, on having exported the files as alone gif, the first one of the group goes out.
      From Malaga, to the diaspar … etc.

  2. Thank you!
    It’s great – now I can rename the items! :-))
    A wish for the future: little previews in the browser and perhaps we could reorder them ourself (new folder, etc) ?

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