New Versions of Animation Editors – August Release

The new release is focused on improvement of timing controls and particle systems. Some parts of the interface were redesigned to improve usability, and some useful features were added. Here is the full list of changes.

  • Timing Controls
    • The interface was rearranged
    • New “Depended” timing scheme was added
    • New “Restart slide animations” button was added
    • New “Resize/Measure” tool was added to the manual timing interface
    • Fixed crash on zooming time-line in manual timing scheme
    • Fixed crash on undo/redo in manual timing scheme
    • Improved representation of manual timings for animations that does not support fade in/out
  • Particle Systems
    • The list of particle images was replaced with a separate Particle Library
    • All particle shape and appearance controls were organized in one Particle Properties dialog
    • Fixed a bug with animated GIF particles
    • The speed control for  animated GIF particles now available in all particle systems
  • Other Fixes
    • In finished animations, the moving camera now starts with the correct position
    • Closing a modified document now activates warning dialog
    • HTML5 check-box in the Add Animation dialog now displaces correctly on resize
    • The view port size controls for manual camera path now are updated correctly when background is changed



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