Creating Waving Flag Animation

Preview of the final result

Step 1

First of all, you need to prepare a background image. For this lesson I took a 800×500 image of the pirate flag:

original image

You can use this image in Strep 2 to finish the flag animation immediately, but I would perform one more optional step to make this animation better.

Step 1a

Create a new 850×550 document in any image editor and fill it with gradient color from color x0078ff to x60a7f7.

sky background

Then load the pirate flag image and put it near the left edge.

final image

Save the result picture in JPEG format and load into DesktopPaints’ animation editor.

Step 2

The last step to create the animation is setting the effect properties to “Underwater”

effect settings

  1. I am so delighted with this program – just not clear on the glitter brush, will ck the blog for a tut….would like to paint animated glitter in an color on for instance a petal of a flower but when I do I get transparency to some degree …doing something wrong. Also there is a bug, when try to ckmark highlight effect area, the box for demos pops up. There are a few other bugs in those menus that pop up lower right, like you adjust one and can’t move the other sliders. Can y’all check those please? Just some coding stuff. thanx – kat

    • You can set the Hardness parameter of the brush to 100% or you can draw with pencil instead of soft brush.

      To get rid of the demos pop ups you should purchase the full version.

      If you cannot edit some controls in the property window, hide the example list through program menu View > List of Examples (you should uncheck this option)

      DP Support

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