New Versions of Animation Editors – February Release

This month our animation tools were extended with this brand new tool: Drift brush. This tool will make any area of the background rock like a ship on the waves. Here is an example of animation you can design with the Drift brush.

  1. I enjoyed your demo,
    Can u add
    * swf/video/animated gif layers?
    * 3d objects import with animation?
    * dynamic RSS reader as a layer?
    * None Rectangular Boundaries?
    * a custom path for moving objects?
    * More 3d Environment?
    and …
    please increase your features as many as u an.

  2. Layers can be:

    Light layer
    Text layer
    EPS layer
    Picture layer
    Video layer
    Video Capture layer
    Plasma layer
    Particle layer
    Audio layer
    Model layer
    Scroller layer
    Lightning layer
    Lens Flare layer
    Dynamic Data layer

  3. What do you think about a new Layer Type?

    Many applications just like screensavers have a command line Argument for showing them on a special window.

    App.exe – Preview App.exe as child of window .

    Now can You make a layer that just like a window has a HWND for showing other application output as a new layer in BT shows?

    DeskTopPaint1.scr /W {Mystify.scr /p Layer10}
    now DeskTopPaint1.scr send Layer10 HWND to Mystify.scr and we can have nessted screensavers with many desktoppaint effects.

    please reply that I find you see these comments.

    • Unfortunately it would not work in full screen mode. Even in window mode one screensaver would simply cover another one.

      • ok, screensavers may have problems with this option but many other programs can use this for making dynamic screensavers, please you add this for other applications that can get HWND.

  4. Hi again,
    After some researches I found how can we show another screensaver in a panel in our form It is all about :
    creation of Process(lpApplicationName, lpCommandLine)
    now I can show any screensaver in my application in preview mode and in my custom size,
    If you think It will help you to Improve your Application please Tell me to send you a complete project, please give me an email.

  5. Is there anyway for adding photoshop PSD format with Layers support?
    with this feature designers can make layers in a file and load in your software

  6. Just like Photoshop it will be very good if you can add Transforming to objects in the scene:

    for example we can add Perspective clock to project.
    And It will be very nice if you can add vector.
    And Importing path for moving and rotating objects.
    Importing Png for masks.

  7. I am curious, is there a way to save an animated .gif with a clear/transparent background? When I try to save (or export), it always has the DP Animation Maker default background, and I would like to export with no (clear/transparent) background.

    • To make clear background, prepare 800×600 image filled with any color by your choice (you can make in MS Paint, for example)
      Then click the “Change Background” button in DP Animation Maker end open the image.

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