New Versions of Animation Editors – April Release

This update extends line particle functionality and adds a new animation based on the new features.

Here is the full list of recent changes.

  • New Discharge 2 animation has been added
  • New animated fractal shape has been added to the line particle
  • New rough line texture has been added to the Particle System Constructor library
  • Sound volume control has been added to MP3 play list
  • The bug with view control of Fireworks animation has been fixed
  • Scrolling behavior of animation layer list has been improved
  1. I have just tried to download and install this latest update TWICEi: each time I did, it advised me that it had finished installing, but when i checked my software for the new update, it wasn’t there…it hasn’t installed, Can you please advise?

  2. Hi…that was quick – thank you! I have just re-installed, and the new Disharge2 has installed, but the new rough line texture and animated fractal shape are still missing.

    • Add Animation > Particle Systems > Particle System Constructor…

      In Particle System Constructor, add Linear Flow, then add Line.

      The new texture is in the image library for this instrument (Source), new fractal line options are in the Line Shape area of the properties list of this instrument.

    • Google translate:
      Pri vydaní sa vyskytol problém. Teraz je opravený. Znova stiahnite aktualizáciu.

  3. Pri otvorení programu sa aktualizácia neobjavila a neviem ako ju znova stiahnúť.Ďakujem Ivanová

    • Make sure the program was installed correctly. Do the full uninstall reinstall if it does not helps.

      Skontrolujte, či bol program správne nainštalovaný. Ak to nepomôže, vykonajte úplnú odinštalovanie.

  4. Dobrý deň.Program som odinštalovala a nainštalovala som nový a NEW VERSIONS OF ANIMATION EDITORS – APRIL RELEASE…Disharge2…mi stále nefunguje.Prosím čo mám robiť? Ďakujem Ivanová

    • We plan to add Chinese and other languages. But I do not know when it will be added, unfortunately.

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