New Versions of Animation Editors – February Release

We are continuing to extend imported animations functionality. This month we updated Random Motion animation making it more flexible. For example, now you can easily create animation like this:

Here is the full list of the changes:

  • Random Motion animation
    • Image orientation controls have been added
    • Reverse animation option has been added
    • View control has been updated
    • Vertical speed control has been added
  • Imported animation effects
    • Effect support has been added to Path animation
    • Blink effect has been added
    • Several vibration effects now can be combined
  • Error on exporting big MP4 files has been fixed
    • Google translate
      Lamento, mas, infelizmente, os novos instrumentos ainda não têm tutoriais. Você pode pedir nosso suporte se precisar de ajuda com as novas ferramentas.

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