New Versions of Animation Editors – March Release

This update extends imported animations functionality by adding new options and effects.

  • Flow Imported Animation has been reworked
    • Boundaries properties have been removed
    • Effect properties have been added
    • Disorder properties have been removed
    • Speed and direction jitter properties have been added
    • Blending property has been removed
    • Animation speed property has been added
  • Effect tab has been added to Random Motion Imported Animation
  • Swinging effect has been added for imported animations
  • Option to synchronize effects has been added for imported animations
  • Phase option has been added for effects of imported animations
  1. Onde encontro vídeos com exemplos dos efeitos das novas atualizações não entendo ingles vídeos são mais faceis de entender, obrigado.

    • Esta atualização não tem um vídeo de exemplo porque estende as funções de importação existentes em vez de adicionar novas animações. Criaremos um vídeo quando mais novos recursos forem adicionados às funções de importação

      This update does not have an example video because it extends the existing import functions rather then adds new animations. We will create a video when more new features will be added to the import functions

  2. Hi, video examples and screenshots of effects and added functionality demonstrated by a professional makes a lot of difference.

    • We work on particle effects now. We want to implement all standard particle effects. We can consider dynamic particles later.

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