New Versions of Animation Editors – May Release

This update introduces a new Blur brush and few updates and bug fixes.

Here is the full list of recent changes

  • New Blur brush has been added
  • Angle control has been added to Swarm and Path imported animations
  • Bug with manual timings has been fixed in Growing and Sliding line animations
  • Blur problem has been fixed for animated wallpapers and screensavers

  1. Hey! Amazing piece of software. Very underrated. One thing I’ve noticed is, when you export as avi, theres no option to loop. It can be looped with every other format, expect avi, which is a little annoying. It would be cool if you added it. Best regards

  2. Hey! The program is irreplaceable and wonderful. I would like to loop and the MOV format. Sometimes I make it rain on a transparent background for 15-20 seconds. The file is large. And if you do it for 5 seconds and loop, the file will be smaller.

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