New Versions of Animation Editors – September Release

Starting from this release we are returning to monthly updates. The release extends the Animation Constructor with two new color Mods : Color Variations and Color Dynamic.

Here is the full list of recent changes.

  • New Color Variation effect has been added
  • New Color Dynamic effect has been added
  • New Ring origin has been added
  • New Reversed Radial Flow motion has been added
  • New Polygon particle has been added
  • Issues with Undo after color changing has been fixed
One comment
  1. Gracias por la nueva version, pronto lo comprare, pero espero que no tenga fallas como otras versiones anteriores, lastima que no esta en idioma español, pero la licencia actual que tengo, no me serveria para poder actualizar el programa sin pagar de nuevo por el programa
    atentamente el usuario

    Thanks for the new version, I will buy it soon, but I hope it does not have flaws like other previous versions, it is a pity that it is not in Spanish, but the current license that I have, would not serve me to be able to update the program without paying for it again Program
    sincerely the user

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