New Versions of Animation Editors – August Release

In the new update, a new tunnel motion was added to the Animtion Constructor.

Here is the full list of the recent changes

  • Tunnel Flow has been added to the motion selection list of Animation Constructor
  • Hyperspace template has been added to the Animation Constructor
  • Through Space animations has been reworked and moved to the Animation Constructor template list
  • Trace width now depends on particle size
  1. in DP animation Maker…is a transparent background in the ENTIRE background possible? in the trial version it only shows a black image (using a transparent PNG background), also 4k export seems not to work…are both of these a trial limitation?

  2. to export a transparent MOV file in either lossless or high setting takes AGES even on my fast 16 core PC … DP animation uses in the export, only like 10% of just 1 CPU in total, taking like 30min for 1 min to export… can you not make it faster? this is way too slow.

    • MOV format stores each video frame separately. It leads to a huge file size. As a result, the conversion speed depends on your hard drive speed not your CPU.

      I would recommend you to use the MP4 format.

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