New Versions of Animation Editors – November Release

Here is the full list of the changes added in the November update:
  • New glowing particles have been added to Animation Constructor
  • Tangent Flow motion has been added to Animation Constructor
  • With profile has been added to Wide Line and Curve sources
  • Wide Line and Curve view controls have been improved
  • Crash on preview has been fixed
  1. oh again some beauty particles.
    Do you have any plan for importing animation files like FBX/GLB in your todo list?
    If not, is there any way to create Extension Pack with custom files?
    Is there anyway to save a sequence animated PNG files as library?
    What are Extension Packs? Are them some transparent PNG files?

    and Why do you close “add new comment” in this blog (after some days)?

    • Right now DPAM do not support 3D models. But we plan to add it later. FBX is a proprietary file format, so I do not sure we can use it. But 3d import will be added some days.

      The option to add your own animations in the library was added many months ago. Right click on any animation in the list > Add to Library
      your saved animation will be available on “My Library” tab in the Add Animation dialog.

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  2. Would it be possible to add a short cut in:
    at Drawing Tools–>Pen [Alt and Click Pen: fill full Scene]
    at Drawing Tools–> Eraser [Alt and Click Eraser: Erase the whole scene]

    and add a new Tools:
    Drawing Tool–> polygonal/Curvy Lasso tools for easier selecting (Like Photoshop)

    A new Object:
    a Webview for importing and animating Realtime local and online html files; even with that, import external video files will be easy.

    attaching Particles:
    A flying bird, for example, has fire particles.

    • first two options can be added easily. polygonal/Curvy is more difficult thing

      webview and video are not in our todo list right now.

      You can create complex animations with Add New Animation > Standard Animation Library > Particle systems > Particle system constructor

      It interface is not userfriendly, but creating bird with fire particles is possible

  3. I would like you to think about that “webview Idea” more, as it opens up a huge door to importing to DPAM, as well as importing “Animated Gif/SVG” into effects;
    For example:
    Import an animated gif and generate a matrix using the colors of each frame. DPAM will create some new animated effects based on those colors.
    thank you

  4. is it possible to add an export /import function for the entire My Library?, this is helpful if you need to transfer to another computer or you need to reformat your computer, my experience was that I lost everything after I reformatted my laptop.

    Also minor issue, the Animation Presets under “My Library” is misspelled as Aniamtion Presets

    • Yes, we will consider adding this option. In mean time you can backup you library by coping files from My Documents\DesktopPaints\SharedData\Library

      Thank you for the report

    • right now there is no tool for this. You can check the day to night and shine brushes. they were designed for other tasks but maybe you can use them for some applications.

  5. First of all congratulations for these new features 😉
    My query would be: would it be possible to add the export in WebM format?

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