New Versions of Animation Editors – December Release

Here is the full list of the changes added in the January update:

  • New Background Texture mod has been added to Animation Constructor
  • New Spin effect has been added to the Animation Import
  • Default parameters of Trace style have been improved
  • Source shape now visible on each step of creating Animation
  • Issue with Sum blending has been fixed in Animation Constructor
  • Crash on changing templates has been fixed in Animation Constructor
  1. Electric Discharge 2
    Electric Discharge 3
    Fireworks 1
    Fireworks 2
    Flicker Flare 1
    Flicker Flare 2

    Smoke 5
    ***All are broken, they show flickering broken effects

    Soap Bubbles
    ***Not showing any bubbles

    Lightning Bolt 1
    Lightning Bolt 2
    Lightning Bolt 3
    Lightning Bolt 4
    ***They all lost the flicker effect, they are just static

    And some others that I havent seen yet

  2. Congratulations and thank you for its new features.
    I just have one request ^^: would it be possible to add the .webm extension for export (for the web I have to convert .mp4 to .webm)

    Sincerely, Jean Favorisxp

  3. Add a motion sharpening parameter (bend brush, drift brush and others).
    For example
    0 smooth – 100 sharp
    Thank you.

    • In this case you need to create a separate animated ship file. Stat a new project with No background effect, import the boat picture as static object and animate flag. Then export it as gif or PNG sequence (if warping brushes have speed 100 , duration of 6.2 sec will give you perfect loop). Finaly import animated boat in your mine project.

  4. Yes, thank you, I know this way. But this is an inconvenient way. Why don’t you add like in other programs. For example grouping layers. Or a clip in which you can put an image (several images), which you can add a motion path animation, and inside it do other animations with this image (or several images). After all, it is more convenient to do everything inside the program, and not in the way you suggested. Like glass ball.

    • Yes, we plan to add grouping or/and importing asw projects later. But I cannot say when it will be implemented.

  5. Hi,
    While you are fixing the Lightning Bolt 1-4, I noticed Lighting (Custom) still works but there is no option to make it randomly appear, the animation is to cycle on a particular time

    Could you please add the same options: Frequency, Speed, Trace Volume like in Tears? where you can set random time,speed and volume when lightning appears? This will make it more realistic

    • You can control timing options of Lighting (Custom) in the Animtion Timming dialog on the bottom. It gives you full control, including creating manual time line or synchronizing with other animations.

  6. Hello, I have bought a license for a long time, I have 3.4.5 but now I would like to get the new version. What costs the update?

    • Hello,

      the price is 16.99 for 1 year of additional updates or 9.99 for 6 months. The link for upgrading your license is available in the program when you install the latest version.

  7. the George RedHawk Motion (Rotary) brush does not allow you to animate custom curves like the Growing line brush does, you can only animate circles and ovals, for example to animate the curves of a snake it is not possible, and there is no way to do it with another brush. I attach a project and video for understand me, I also wanted to ask you to consider adding the function to import the animation mask (image png)

    • Do you mean background behind the Ball or background inside the Ball?
      For the first one you can only use a green color for creating “geenscreen” animation.

      The effects like glass ball is very old features and outdated. They are unlikely to be improved. Some of them can already be replaced with Brushes.

  8. In the “Import Animation” section, the “Spin” controls do not work correctly…the Speed does NOT work at all. If I set Speed to “0” it still rotates, and if I set it to maximum, it still rotates at the original speed.

  9. I tried to do a similar animation as shown at top, but although I was advised what it was, I have no idea how to create the effect of “fragmenting” When I use Mods>Colour>Background Texture, nothing happens…

  10. How to upload many pictures?
    When I upload they all turn into one layer of animation from these pictures.
    Uploading one image at a time is inconvenient.

  11. How to bulk move layers?
    I have a character, it consists of several layers.
    Head, arms, legs.
    And if I want to move it, do I need to move each layer separately?

  12. in the load animation image window.
    Does not allow you to enter the delay value in full.
    I enter a number and you need to click the mouse again to continue entering. And so for each new digit.

      • You did not understand.
        Before I select the pictures everything works.
        But when I try to set a delay for individual pictures, the program does not allow me to enter more than 1 digit.
        You need to click the mouse again in the input window after entering each number.

  13. After export, animation and all layers are included without permission. The same goes for slides.
    At the same time, the eye of visibility of the layers remains unchanged.
    Please fix this.
    It’s best to add a start/stop button for the entire animation altogether.
    When there is a lot of animation, the program slows down and this is inconvenient.

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