New Versions of Animation Editors – March Release

In the new update, a new Lattice motion has been added to the Animation Constructor and a new Exploding Object template has been added to the Import. Watch a few effects based on these new functions.

Here is the full list of the recent changes

  • Lattice motion has been added to to the motion selection list of Animation Constructor
  • Exploding Object template has been added to animation template list of Import
  • Option to reset animation before export has been added to Animation Constructor and Dissolution
  • Some misspelling have been fixed in the interface
  • Bug with imported animations has been fixed in Glass Ball effect

      • No need for 3D.
        I just want to add my sakura leaves.
        Replacing the image would be enough))
        And I also asked to make a Shine brush in one direction.
        And layer grouping.
        I’m looking forward to it.

  1. Is it possible you add eathquake effect on the Background image, similar when adding fire or underwater, but this time it mimics the movement of earthquake… that would be a very good effect, thanks

    • I think it can be made with the Drift brush. You can increase the speed, set random motion type and use timing settings to make it more natural.

  2. Could you add a replacement for the uploaded pictures?
    If I need to edit a picture in Photoshop, then I need to upload it again and put it in the right place, it’s so inconvenient.
    Buttons to replace the picture are so lacking)).

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