New Versions of Animation Editors – April Release

We are excited to announce a new update to our Animation Editors. One of the major highlights of this update is the added support for sprite sheets in Animation Constructor. This new feature allows you to create more varied effects and provides another way to import animated images.

In addition to sprite sheet support, we have also added new animated particles to the tool. You can check out the video example of these new animations to see how they work and how you can use them to enhance your animation projects.

We are constantly updating our products, and we still have a long list of upcoming changes. Unfortunately, due to limited time and resources, it will take years to implement all of these changes. That’s why your feedback is essential in helping us update this list and prioritize changes. We encourage you to leave your requests in the comment section or via email. We read all of them, and the most popular requests will move higher up on our to-do list.

Starting this month, the comment section on this blog will be open for 30 days after the post’s publishing date. Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity to let us know your thoughts and suggestions.

Here is the full list of recent changes in this update:

  • Texture atlas/Sprite sheet support has been added to the Animation Constructor
  • Explosion particle has been added to the Animation Constructor
  • Asteroid particle has been added to the Animation Constructor
  • Shard set particle has been added to the Animation Constructor
  • Force mods have been fixed in Animation Constructor
  • Black border issue has been fixed for Warping brushes
  1. I just want to say that this type of program can literally go in any direction! There can’t ever be writers block for this application. I WANT this application to be so feature rich that it can compete with larger corporate applications, and even replace them one day!

    Hopefully someone with skills can work with you, or even volunteer some time for bigger updates!
    Keep pushing forward, and hopefully more bodies can come aboard, or volunteer to get this program intensely more bloated, but in a positive way. Companies like yours deserve the support, not the corporate monoliths that can’t code, and bloat their software with junkware!

    We need millions of fireflies to band together to sculpt and chisel this program into the ether of possibilities!

  2. Hello team,
    Arf… It’s starting again lol! I can’t open some of my previous creations again

  3. I thought there would be a problem when I “imported” an image and wanted to use the degree of transparency, this accentuated the color of the image instead of making it more transparent. So I relaunch the application and then the creation that I had just closed launches and then closes immediately. I opened a few more and the same!

        • Good morning,
          I just received the new update, thank you for your reactivity!
          Just a little problem, when importing an image (using the “Import” button if you use the transparency function, the one does not work, on the contrary, it becomes more pronounced!

  4. For the first time an update has caused total failure of the program. When opening a recent .asw the program shuts down. I tried re-opening the program, added a new background, then when adding a new image as a layer it completely shuts down. Sadly, it is totally unusable as I write this… please help ASAP!!!

  5. How do i go back to a previous version? I dont want to pay for updates but now when i export, it shows demo on it.

  6. I love this little tool, it can do so much. Very underrated. Its like a budget after effects for images but much more intuitive. Two things:

    Avi export over 2GB seem to be broken. I have K-lite installed but nothing seems to read it if its over 2GB.

    Transparecy support for brushes. When you use one of the manipulating brushes on a PNG with transparent background, it comes out all messy. I got around this by putting a green screen behind it and chroma key after, which do work but would be better if it came out straight from DP. Not sure how hard this would be to implement.

    Again, thank you for your work. Amazing piece of software

    • “When you use one of the manipulating brushes on a PNG with transparent background, it comes out all messy.” Do you mean that a brush is erasing your PNG? Try setting the “Apply to” option of the brush to “previous layer”

        • water brush does not support transparency right now. Do the following

          1. change the effect mode to “No background”
          2. Import your water PNG as still object.
          3. Use a set of Wave brushes to create water animation. Each brush needs setting “Apply to” option to “previous layer”

  7. I will find a picture of a volcano and apply Asteroid with TRACE, and OUTER GLOW, and GRAVITY , REVERSE RADIAL FLOW, COLOR VARIATIONS and COLOR DYNAMIC to make it look like the volcano is erupting . — thanks

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