New Versions of Animation Editors – June Release

Starting from this update and in the range of future updates, we will be enhancing Animation Constructor by incorporating line support functionality. In the current release, we have already implemented a straight line particle, along with some additional features. To provide you with a glimpse of the exciting possibilities that the new line tool offers, we have prepared a short example video below. It demonstrates what you can achieve with it right away.

For your convenience, all future posts in this blog will include download links to project files used in our video examples. A project file used in the video can be downloaded here.

Here is the full list of recent changes in this update:

  • New Line particle has been added to Animation Constructor.
  • Angle > Align to Source Edges mod has been added to Animation Constructor.
  • Lasers template has been included in the Animation Constructor template list.
  • Magic Star animation has been renamed to Sparkler 01 and moved to the Animation Constructor template list.
  • Sparkler 02 template has been added to Animation Constructor.
  • The crash that occurred when entering a zero value into the emission period control has been fixed.
  • The bug affecting saving templates in Animation Constructor has been resolved.
  • The bug that affected Lattice motion timings has been fixed.

In future updates, we will significantly extend the line functionality, enabling more cool animations and effects in our software.

We value your feedback, so please take a moment to review the updates and let us know if you have any further questions or suggestions.

  1. Hello Teams,
    Thanks for the project zip file used in the video 😉

    It would be nice to have a place to share project effects!

    Best Regard Favorisxp

  2. I want to ask you to improve Dripping.
    Add a second color selection. Because if I choose white color it will be gray.
    Add transparency option to colors.
    And fix the problem – when I change the size, the layer moves from its place.
    Or if it’s possible to add a path egit tool, or a direction.

  3. It’s really exciting, I wish you would spend some time for a layer that can display the movie mp4 and animation SVG/Gif file, imagine that in this wonderful scene, a movie could be displayed on the stage.

    • We focus on animation, not video editing. You can export video from DPAM and combine it with SVG in any video editor.

  4. Hello team,
    Small problem that I just noticed with “Constructor” Through Space 01, Through Space 02, Tunnel and Vortex.
    When we use them it works well, but when we want to open the Project later, it doesn’t open anymore and the app closes.

    Sincerely, Jean

  5. Hello good team… we need to create a story frame by frame.
    1.please create a new timeline with key frame and more options.
    2.please create a plugin for adobe premiere..its very helpful idea.

  6. 🙂 have a look to date of demos!!!!–>2016–>2016–>2016–>2016–>2016–>2016–>2016–>2016–>2016–>2016–>2016–>2016–>2016–>2016–>2016–>2016–>2017–>2017–>2017–>2023

    Please generate more demos with these wonderful new features

  7. Suggestions:

    1. Dark mode

    2. Change the default of “brushes” to “previous layer” when they are added in “animations” with more than one layer

    3. Place tooltips when hovering the mouse pointer over

    4. Being able to navigate the project by holding the space bar and the left mouse button and not just using the navigator.

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