New Versions of Animation Editors – July Release

Among with many improvments in diffrent aspects of the program, this update continues expanding Line With numerous enhancements across various aspects of the program, this update further expands the functionality of Line particles, turning this basic primitive into a remarkably flexible and powerful tool for creating diverse animations. Witness the capabilities of Line particles with their latest features in action through this video:

Project files used in the video can be downloaded here: dungeon trap, drops, ornament lines.

Here is the full list of recent changes in this update:

  • Segment option has been added to Line particles.
  • Length mode has been added to Line particles.
  • Metal Bar texture has been included for Line particles.
  • Texture Scale option has been added to Line particles.
  • Deformation mod has been renamed to Oscillation.
  • A new Deformation mod group has been added to Animation Constructor.
  • New Length/Width Variation mods have been introduced to Animation Constructor.
  • New Length/Width Dynamic mods have been added to Animation Constructor.
  • A new Gradient profile has been included in the Graph Edit plot.
  • Pin button has been added to Graph Edit plot.
  • Graph preview control has been improved.
  • “Rays of light” animation has been renamed to “God Rays 1.”
  • “God Rays 2” animation has been added to the Standard Animation Library.
  • A bug with saving/loading some Animated particle templates has been fixed.
  • “Through Space 01/02” templates have been corrected.
  • A bug with the “Restore before export” option has been fixed.

  1. Hello Team!
    Update well received 😉
    Congratulations for its new functions and thanks for the project files used in the video 😉
    📃Note: Just a small bug I noticed so far 😁 > Lines > Dissolution (when clicked the app closes)

    Sincerely Jean

  2. It would be better if you fixed – the appearance of a shadow on the layer if you apply a brush to it twice. And other useful things.
    This is much more important than your constructor.
    This constructor is incomprehensible. I do not use it.
    Your program is good because it is understandable, and now you are creating something that will scare away people who are looking for something simple.
    You are moving in the wrong direction.

    • What is more important to some is less so to others.🙂
      Everyone draws from this application what is needed.😉
      Sincerely Jean

    • Particle effects are absolutely needed for any Animation software. Actually most of the animations in our product are based on our old versions of Animation Constructor. The new version of Animation Constructor is not just an intricate tool, but a base for many new ‘simple’ animations. We already added two new animations to the main list: Desolution and God Rays 2. They are shortcuts for Animation Constructor. And more will be added later.

  3. BUG: adding a shadow to a object what is using the wave brush effect either crashes the app, leaves off the shadow or leaves the executable broken wile using the export to exe function.
    however it all looks fine in the preview window, turning off the shadow fixs it. but it looks better with the shadow lol

  4. Hello, I have been trying to download the dp Animation Maker but it will not install. It states Failure while trying to install file \DP Animation Maker\Aquarium Example.asw Any help would be much appreciated. I am currently using Windows10

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