New Versions of Animation Editors – January Release

This month, we’ve introduced a new timing control feature to Animation Constructor, marking the initial phase of implementing comprehensive timeline control for our animation editors.

In subsequent updates, we plan to further enhance timeline capabilities and also incorporate grouping functions into the animation list.

Here’s the complete list of recent changes in this update:

  • New timing control has been added to the Animation Constructor
  • New color gradient mod has been added to the Animation Constructor
  • Crash on wallpapers, screensavers and stand alone exe has been fixed
  • Some misprints in user interface have been fixed

  1. Hi, This timing control is very interesting, please include few project files to demonstrate full capabilites of new functions.

  2. Good morning.
    Is there a bug on “Pointing Arrow”?
    We see a line starting from the top left towards the arrow… Which makes this animation unusable.

    • We was not able to reproduce this bug, but we still work on it. If you can find the same bug when work with Animation Constructor > Particle > lines, it will help.

  3. Hello.
    With reference to the comment from “Nova” (February 3), I also have EXACTLY THE SAME problem with the “Pointing Arrow” animation…it can’t be used, as there is something else attached to it, which comes from the top-left part of my screen and attaches to the “tail” of the arrow. In other words, the Arrow is NOT a stand-alone animation, and is rendered useless by this attachment. Can you please rectify this problem?

  4. If you change the speed for the brush and then return the speed back, then the animation of the layer to which the brush is applied will do the animation taking into account its change in speed, but will not return the layer to the correct position. If the project is saved and loaded then the animation will be correct.
    Is it possible to add a reboot function to the correct animation for the hide show layer button?

  5. I can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise to the picture.
    But I can’t figure out how to rotate the text created in the program.

  6. The brush stops working if the following Particles are located above it:
    Burst 02
    Meteor Shower
    Shooting Stars
    Sparkler 01
    Sparkles 01
    Sparkles 03
    Spiral 02

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