New Versions of Animation Editors – May Release

Firstly, we would like to provide some clarification regarding the program subscription service and recent cancellation notices you may have received in the past few days.

FastSpring, the company responsible for processing payments on our behalf, is ceasing operations. Regrettably, they did not offer any grace period, and we were only informed about the termination of their services yesterday. Consequently, we are currently in the process of swiftly transitioning our operations to an alternative e-commerce platform.

Despite these unforeseen circumstances, rest assured that your licenses and software will remain unaffected, and the scheduled new update will still be released today as planned.

The latest update introduces grouping support for nearly half of the brushes, enabling you to move group layers containing them across the scene. In the upcoming update, we plan to expand this functionality to include more brushes and introduce a path option for group layers.

Here’s a detailed overview of the recent changes implemented in this update:

  • Grouping support for the following brushes has been added: Wave, Zoom, Rotation, Turn, Stretch, Fold, Radial, Flow (Radial), Flow (Linear), Drift, Bend, Background Copy.
  • Fixed an error related to loading certain old projects.
  • Resolved desynchronization issues when resetting timings.
  • Significantly reduced desynchronization for GIF and frame-by-frame animations.
  • Fixed an error occurring when adding to a group.
  1. Problem.
    I have a group of 3 layers.
    1-wawe brush
    2-drift brush
    If I turn off the visibility of any of these layers, and then try to use the drawing tools of any of the brushes, the layers are automatically turned on.

    How do I ungroup a group or just move a layer out of the group but not into another group?

    If the group is at the very top, then you cannot add a layer above it since the layer will be automatically placed in the group, I can only move the layer from below up above the group or lower the group itself below and only then add a layer outside the group on top.
    It would be better if, when the group was selected, the layer was added not to it, but on top of it.

  2. Fire sparkles
    I’m making sparks for a fire, but the sparks appear too far from the place where they should appear, although I bring both squares together in one place, the sparks appear far from this point both across the width and downwards.
    Could you add a setting to fine-tune where the sparks appear?
    For example, the point from which they will begin their journey, and not from somewhere far to the left, right or below.

  3. When saving mp4 the sound becomes slower.
    When saving the video with the song, the singer’s voice changed and slowed down.
    There is no sound at all in the mov format.

  4. You can choose a background or no background.
    Is it possible to add an option to select the background color?

    • This feature is on our to-do list. Its priority will be determined based on the popularity of user requests.

  5. Is it possible to add a slow start for scrolling?
    I want the picture to start moving slowly and after some time begin to move at a given speed.

  6. I want to get a looping animation of butterflies flying.
    But I don’t get what I want.

    loop transition – butterflies disappear and appear.
    If you don’t use loop transition, the butterflies will teleport.

    Is it possible to make a normal cyclic animation of butterflies in our program?
    For example:
    Each butterfly has its own path that it travels in a certain time (for example, 5 seconds) and everything repeats.

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