New Versions of Animation Editors – April Release

We are announcing that our latest update has addressed the majority of the issues reported by our customers in recent months. Customer feedback has been crucial in helping us improve our services, and we are focused on providing a smooth experience for all users.

Additionally, we continue to work on enhancing our recently added group feature. This month, we have introduced the ability to move group layers across the scene seamlessly. This new feature allows users to reposition entire group content within the canvas with ease. Currently, this improved group function supports particle effects only. We plan to expand the range of supported animations in future updates to offer more dynamic options for your projects.

There’s a comprehensive list of recent changes included in this update:

  • Ability to reposition group content within the canvas has been added.
  • Hide option has been added for individual group layers.
  • Mode option has been added to the Rotation brush.
  • Angle parameter has been added to the Rotation brush.
  • One-way mode has been added to the Shine brush.
  • Bug causing interference between Heat distortion and Light brushes has been fixed.
  • Typo in Shine brush dialog has been fixed.
  • Bug causing incorrect phase in brush sharp mode has been fixed.
  • Import button in the add animation dialog has been fixed.
  • Bug with save/load of angle property of imported animations has been fixed.
  • Bug with save/load of loop animation property of explosion particles has been fixed.
  • Bug with group layer order on group close/open has been fixed.

  1. Very good and necessary update!
    Will the brushes move with the group in the future?
    Is it possible to add changes to the order of layers and groups using drag and drop? In Photoshop, I hold down a layer or group with the left mouse button, drag it to the desired location, and when I release the layer, it moves to that location or folder.
    This is very convenient, but is it possible to implement this in our program?
    And expand the height of the window where the layers are, at the moment there are only 9 layers and with the addition of the 10th layer, scrolling appears.

    • Yes, the brushes will move with groups. We plan to add this feature soon. Other improvements will be added only with version 4.

  2. Старые файлы .asw теперь работают неправильно? Например, Sports Car.asw, fireplace, dungeon trap, waterfall, candle, explosions.

  3. I’ll say it again!
    When saving mov there is no sound in the video.
    And is it possible to improve the video quality when saving mp4?
    In mp4 the color of the image changes.
    An example of how it should be on the left, and on the right how our program saves it. In both versions, the photo was taken from an mp4 video.

  4. Thank you very much for the quick answer, could you also send me the file for the chain example please

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