New Versions of Animation Editors – February Release

A new version of DP Animation Maker is out featuring a new exiting element called Interactive link. Now you can add a text object to your animated slide that acts like a link changing slides in the final EXE file.

Also we keep fixing bugs in animated wallpaper. Now using Google Chrome doesn’t mess up icons on the desktop when animated wallpaper is active. And finally, we added a new UFO animation as well as a few useful options in the Path and Random animations.

  1. This is a fantastic update! It’s great to see my suggestion make it into the latest build – many thanks! I’m having a couple of issues with the interactive text buttons in my final executable though – the link text appears the same for all slides. Everything looks fine in the DP Animation editor (e.g. , Home etc.) but when saved as an .EXE they all display the same text (usually the last link entered before exporting). If you could please fix this it would be brilliant 🙂
    P.S. Also, in the ‘Slideshow Timing Settings’ it would be good to add the option to stay on the current slide until the user clicks an interactive link to move on.
    Best regards,

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