New Versions of Animation Editors – August Release

Our latest update brings you the following changes:

– New Firework animation.

– Lightning animation bug fix

  1. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to the team of Animation Maker, This is just a question, is it possible to add a small paint program into your Animation program?

    • Our priority is adding new animation tools. There are a lot of very good and even free paint programs so I do not think it worth to add one more.

      • Really like the “Random Motion Animation” in the new version. NIce job. Your product keeps getting better.

        I noticed with the newest version when we import a single image for “stationary” position or add images for “stationary animation” we no longer have the option for “Size”. We were able to resize the image with the older version.

  2. Please add capture the desktop for using as background,
    with this function users can make screensaver that lives on the desktop.

    • If you can not add “Desktop as Background”, please add load dynamic jpg as background with this feature users can capture desktop and save to a file in the same directory of SCR and scr can load it as background.
      thank you

  3. Firstly, I’ve really enjoyed all the new updates over the past year – so well done and keep up the good work! The 2 features I’d love to see in the program are:
    1) The ability to load a background video and not just an image.
    2) The ability to add very simple navigation between slides (similar to PowerPoint) so you can place a button graphic and specify which slide to play next. This functionality would allow for the creation of interactive graphic novels or simple point and click ‘storybook’ style games for kids.
    Kind regards,

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