New Versions of Animation Editors – July Release

This update extends line particle functionality and adds a new animation based on the new features. Here is the full list of recent changes. Inner glow option has been added to the line particleDripping animation has been added Tentacle animations have been addedError on stretch line has been fixedError on saving [...]

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New Versions of Animation Editors – June Release

The June release features the new animations: 3 underwater plants with completely new animations controls. Also Animation list was extended with two new options: It now [...]

New Versions of Animation Editors – May Release

As usual in our monthly update, we present a new animation: Bend brush. It was designed to animate plants, branches, and leaves that swing in the wind. Also the new [...]

New Versions of Animation Editors – April Release

The new version of our animation editors was extended with a new powerful Lightning generation tool. It has more than 25 parameters and allows you to create an infinite number [...]

Sports Car

The final result. This complex scene requires several layers of animations.  Lets look into it step by step. The First Step: Road First of all, add the Downpour [...]

New Versions of Animation Editors – February Release

We are proud to announce a new Stream brush that is designed to bring life to any kind of moving streams, especially waterfalls. Just look at these examples. Other [...]

Magic Fountain

In this lesson we will use boundary controls to bring a new fresh look to one of the standard animations: To create an animation like this, add to your scene the "Magic [...]

New Versions of Animation Editors – January Release

The new update accumulates a number of minor and major changes as well as several bug fixes. First of all, DesktopPaints' animation programs now feature the Navigator, the [...]

Soaring Dragon

The following article continues the sequence of lessons demonstrating the possibilities of boundary controls. Today we will make an animation that is neither static nor [...]

New Versions of Animation Editors – December Release

The last update in this year adds to your animation makers two new tools and one improvement. The first one is the radial wave animation brush for simple but cool animation [...]

Breath Animation

Today we will look how the following example was made: 1. First of all, load the below picture as the background into the Desktoppaint's animation editor. 2. Add the [...]