New Versions of Animation Editors – January Release

This update focuses on new particles effects and improvements of our particle engine. We have added a new One-way Path node option in the Particle System Constructor and created a bunch of new particle animations and presets. Here is the full list of changes and bugfixes. New One-way Path node option has been [...]

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Animated Sparks Effect

In our past lessons we described in detail how to make perfect snow animations. However its flexible settings allow far-reaching, completely unexpected results. This lesson [...]

Creating Advanced Animated Snow Effects

In the previous lesson, we learned how to create simple animated snow. In today’s lesson we'll continue with this effect and explore its features in details. First of [...]

Creating Animated Snow Effects

In this lesson we will learn how to create a beautiful snow scene in DesktopPaint’s animation editor. First of all, we need an appropriate background image. A good image [...]

New Additional Animations for Your Projects

Due to many requests from our customers, we have decided to put our efforts into a new content pack that would expand the list of available animations in DesktopPaints’ [...]