New Versions of Animation Editors – January Release

The new update accumulates a number of minor and major changes as well as several bug fixes.

First of all, DesktopPaints’ animation programs now feature the Navigator, the tool that allows you to zoom in/out and scroll the scene view. This novelty helps with using brushes more precisely and getting better results with less effort.


Also a new animation was added. The rotation brush will help to animate elements like wheels or nebulae.

Here is the list of other changes.

– DP Animation Maker now supports slide-show mode.
– The file size for projects that use animated brushes was reduced.
– Export scenes with Matrix code effect now works correctly.
– The problem with odd entities in the context menu was fixed.
– The error with object fade in/out feature was fixed.
– GIF import does not miss the first frame anymore.

  1. Hi Firefly,
    Many thanks for this update! Especially the slideshow mode for DP Animation Maker – this tool is becoming better for making animated movies without the need of a 3rd party video editing package. More control options for the camera would be nice though – maybe for future versions?
    Thanks again – your software is amazing (I have all 3 products) and I look forward to each new feature 🙂

  2. if it will be possible could you pls to write effects for text in program? Would be great also if it will be having a possiblity to write into a needed weblink for taking it into web page. Thank you! 🙂

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